Main Take-Aways from Luke 4:40-41, "Healing II"

Posted by Pastor Marvin J. Owens, Jr on

Good evening.  Here are our main takeaways from tonight's class, "Healing II," studying Luke 4:40-41.

  • Jesus heals the multitudes. And so the healing is universal meaning available to anyone and for any condition.  And yet, “he laid hands” which made the healing universal and specific. God knows what you need.
  • Jesus also casts out the demons. Healing is not only physical, but spiritual.  Jesus heals the whole person. God’s desire is for your complete healing.
  • He forbade the demons to speak, even though they were proclaiming the truth about who he was. Jesus will not allow others to control his process. Demons are fallen angels are committed to rebellion against God. There must be clear separation between the Christ and Satan.