"Healing & Forgiveness," Luke 5:17-26

Posted by Pastor Marvin J. Owens, Jr on

Bible Study takeaways on Luke 5:17-26.

  1. Forgiveness from sin is the need we all have.   Jesus saw past the physical need of the paralytic and recognized the spiritual need for forgiveness.  God is concerned about both the physical and spiritual.
  2. Forgiveness is such a pressing need that we should be willing to whatever needs to be done to get our friends to Jesus.  The friends in the story underscore the commitment and determination needed to get their friend into Jesus' presence.  They believed Jesus could heal him, and were willing to tear a whole in the roof in order to make that happen. This is a message to the church about determination and creativity.
  3. Only Jesus can forgive sins.  Jesus alone has the authority to forgive sins and the power to heal.  Don't get distracted looking to other powers or authorities. Turn to Jesus!
  4. Forgiveness is an act of grace through faith.  The paralytic came to Jesus just as was; with all of issues and challenges.  He was both healed and forgiven through his faith.  This is the Good news today.
Finally, the story emphasizes the important roles we all play in the salvation and healing our friends, family, co-workers, and community. Each of us has to "hold up our corner"!