Triumphal Entry Of The King

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Let’s add a little S.A.L.T. (Studying And Learning Together) to our Sunday school lesson through Involvement Learning. This Sunday’s lesson is titled: “Triumphal Entry Of The King.” The background scripture is taken from Matthew 20:25-28; 21:1-11. The lesson text is from Matthew 21:1-11.

The special seasonings for this lesson are three Involvement Learning Activities.

Activity 1

Celebrity Visit Scenario

Directions: A celebrity comes to your town and you are in charge of hosting that person for a weekend.

  • You are to determine the specific reason the visitor is a celebrity (Examples include all-star athletes, award-winning actors, best-selling writers, etc.)
  • Create an agenda, plan meals, provide lodging, reserve spaces for events. And supply transportation.

Be prepared to share with the class your ideas for Celebrity celebration.

Activity 2

Praise Service

Directions: Please select songs from hymn books or song sheets that are related to Sunday’s text, that is, with phrases like (e.g., “Hosanna” or “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the  Lord.”)

Activity 3

Who Doesn’t Love A Parade?

Please view the following interactive video at the following link:

Remember If we aren’t Learning then we aren’t Praising the Lord. So, let’s add a lot of S.A.L.T. to the lesson.

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