The Restoring Builder

Posted by Elder Gregg Willis on

You Got Mail:

You are reading mail from the Gospel on Delivery Squad (G.O.D Squad). The Squad is asking you to join us every Sunday morning at 8:30 am via Zoom. The G.O.D Squad lesson for Sunday is titled: The Restoring Builder,” lesson scripture Nehemiah 2:11-20.

Also included in this mail delivery is a special link to an interactive photo activity titled: “Good Hands.” Please read Nehemiah 2:11-20.

Breakout Room Activity #1

(What does It Take to Build a Wall?)

Directions for Breakout Room Activity #1: Please list the tangible elements (such as brick and mortar) as well as the intangibles (such as initiative and planning)  to build a wall. Be prepared to share with your group and the whole class.