Passover With The King

Posted by Elder Gregg Willis on

Let’s add a little S.A.L.T. (Studying And Learning Together) to our Sunday school lesson through Involvement Learning. This Sunday’s lesson is titled: “Passover With The King.”The background scripture and lesson text are from Matthew 26:17-30.

The special seasonings for this lesson are two Involvement Learning Activities.

Activity 1: Favorite Snack

Bring your favorite snack that has special significance to you to class. As you partake of your snack tell the memory attached to that food. Be prepared to share your memories with the class.

Activity 2: The Hallel "The Hymn They Song After The Last Supper."

Click the following link to access the video:

Remember If we aren’t Learning then we aren’t Praising the Lord. So, let’s add a lot of S.A.L.T. to the lesson.