Freed From Capitvity

Posted by Elder Gregg Willis on

Let’s add a little S.A.L.T. (Studying And Learning Together) to our Sunday school lesson through Involvement learning. This Sunday’s lesson is titled: “Freed From Captivity.” The background scripture is taken from Ezra 1; 2:64-70. The lesson text is from Ezra 1:1-8, 11 and Ezra 2:64-70.

The special seasonings for this lesson are three What Do You Think activities and the Famous Project. Please complete the Famous Project and read the three What Do You Think activities. Be prepared to share your thoughts and answer with the class on Sunday morning.

What Do You Think 1:

How do you recognize the Lord’s call to action?

Digging Deeper

What questions will you ask to test that you are hearing from the Lord?

How might Romans 12:2 and 1 John 4:1 support your answer?

What Do You Think 2:

How can you build relational unity with other believers, especially where unity may be lacking? Does Paul’s appeal in 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 affect your answer in this regard?

Digging Deeper

Under what circumstances should you avoid working for unity? Why?

What Do You Think 3:

What are one or two ways you can ensure a generous heart when giving?

Digging Deeper

How do Matthew 6:1-4 and 2 Corinthians 9:7 shape your answer

Auto Keynote Adult Sunday school lesson: